Emirati Lady Organizes and Pays for Her Maid's Wedding

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Emirati Lady Organizes and Pays for Her Maid's Wedding
Fri 18-04-2014

Filipina housemaid Nouri Tozar Torres is over the moon as she is all set to take her wedding vows.

In a rare gesture, an Emirati woman has decided to express her heartfelt gratitude to her housemaid of eight and a half years by taking care of all the expenses of her wedding.

Employer Jamila Abdul-Aziz Shafia’a has also booked a hall, printed wedding invitation cards and bought the wedding dress for her Filipina domestic help, Nouri Tozar Torres, who is set to marry compatriot Mark Lowe Valerio , reports Emarat Al Youm.

"I have also bought a crown to adorn the bride’s head. My daughter-in-law, who is a beauty expert, will do the full make-up for Nouri," said Jamila.

She told Emarat Al Youm that "Nouri sought my advice when Mark proposed to her, I asked her to immediately consult her parents in the Philippines before taking any step."

She confirmed, "I was really very pleased for her so I decided to help."

Jamila stressed she will not merely provide the wedding expenses but will share the ceremony with members of her family.

Even Nouri expressed her pleasure as she joined the Jamila family where they treat her with love and tenderness.

Nouri said she has sent invitation to her family in the Philippines and her close friends to attend the wedding party in Dubai.

Source: Emirates 24/7