Emirati Student Threatens to Kill Girl if She Doesn't Marry Him!

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Emirati Student Threatens to Kill Girl if She Doesn't Marry Him!
Wed 28-11-2012

Emirates 24/7 reported that a 23 year old Emirati student, developed friendship with a girl over SMS by pretending to be a girl and later threatened to kill her and the family if she didn't marry him.

The 19 year old victim Emirati student, testified that in 2011 she knew a “girl” via messenger and continued chatting with her for about 3 months. Then she gave her the mobile number but later realized that it was a boy.

The victim testified: "Then he started making annoying calls; since I did not want to answer his calls, I bought another sim card. I was shocked when he called me again on my new number. He called me several times and wanted to meet me. When I refused him, he threatened to kill me and my family if I refused to marry him."

"One day he came to our house and seemed drunk; he rang the door bell and shouted to open the door. My mother came to me and I told her the whole story. He called me later and my mother answered the call and asked him not to call again. But he threatened my mother to kill her and burn her car. My mother told him that if he calls again she will inform the police. But when he called again my mother lodged a complaint with Al Rashidiya Police Station."

The victim’s mother, Emirati businesswoman, testified that on July 12 her daughter told her about how she got in touch with the accused and how he harassed and threatened her.

"I called from my number asking him not to call again otherwise I will complain to the police. He threatened to kill me and my children if I did not allow him to marry her. As he continued calling my daughter and attacked our house, I lodged a complaint with the police."

However, when appeared before the Court he denied the accusations and the Court adjourned the case for verdict till December 18.