English TV Presenter Declan Donnelly Gets Married

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English TV Presenter Declan Donnelly Gets Married
Sun 02-08-2015

English TV presenter Declan Donnelly got married to his manager Ali Astall.

Emotions ran high for Tyneside TV star Ant McPartlin as he watched his best friend tie the knot on Saturday.

Ant served as best man for his lifelong friend Declan Donnelly at a star-studded ceremony in St Michael’s Church, Elswick, as the 39-year-old married his manager Ali Astall, reports the Chronicle Live.

Declan acted as Ant’s best man when he wed wife Lisa Armstrong in 2006 and on Saturday night Ant delivered an eagerly-anticipated speech to an audience packed with celebrities.

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Speaking after the ceremony, Ant said: “She looked amazing. It was very emotional, I was really emotional."

"He finally got married."

Wearing matching royal blue Tom Baker suits, Ant and Dec arrived at the church in an Aston Martin Vanquisher Carbon, and Declan posted on Twitter as the couple headed to the church joking about his pal’s driving style.

Declan celebrated after kissing his bride on the top of the church steps and thanked fans before the couple headed to the reception in Belsay, Northumberland, in a waiting Rolls Royce Phantom.