Face Yoga The Latest Trend in Fighting Wrinkles!

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Face Yoga The Latest Trend in Fighting Wrinkles!
Tue 28-08-2012

Women are increasingly turning to YouTube, books such as The Yoga Face and now an iPhone application for wrinkle free faces!

According to Zeenews, Josie Goldberg, a health nutritionist from the Gold Coast said that face yoga was a fun activity with great benefits.

"I tried it with a group of friends and it was great fun. We sat around in a circle pulling all these funny faces.It was hilarious. I recommend everyone give it a go in a group with friends."

Author of "The Yoga Face" Annilese Hagen has designed an application called ifaceyoga, which is helping people across the globe to turn back the clock.
"A lot of people do face yoga. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are advocates and anyone who likes to look good and be healthy and natural."
She also added :"Using yoga techniques and facial gymnastics leads to a natural lifting, brightening and toning of the facial muscles and facial appearance."