Fashion Designer Rachel Gilbert Opens Up About Married Life

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Fashion Designer Rachel Gilbert Opens Up About Married Life
Mon 16-11-2015

Australian fashion designer Rachel Gilbert is happily married to presenter Tom Williams.

And the designer revealed to Sunday Life the details of her happy marriage and how she tragically lost her high school boyfriend at the age of 15.

Describing him as a bit of a bad boy and very romantic, the Australian seamstress said the loss of her long-term sweetheart significantly changed her as a person.  

"I became a bit more reserved after that... Nothing can prepare you for death,' she said. 'It made me discover who I was a lot faster than most teens."

In the regular segment, What I Know About Men/Women, she revealed how the strong bond with her father has influenced her future relationships. 

"He always took care of the women in his family... I was what my father did for Mum and thought all men were supposed to do the same."

Meeting her now-husband Tom at a Cleo Bachelor of The Year party in 2011, the couple were smitten. Tom proposed after 8 months of dating and they were married 8 months after that. 

"He is a man of his word, is honest, and holds his own. He is a strong man's man and makes me feel safe," she said of her husband.

The happy couple have recently welcomed their second daughter Sloane into the world but Rachel admits all marriages take work. 

"Marriage bliss isn't for anyone all the time," she mused. "Good marriage takes time. There are times when it's fabulous and times when it's not.'"

Source: Daily Mail