Fashion Industry Booming in Doha

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Fashion Industry Booming in Doha
Mon 17-06-2013

According to Gulf Times, gone are the days when Europe was the preferred fashion destination for the affluent and fashionable Qatari women.

Rubina Singh talks to creative director Alberto Guardiani about the designing concept behind his fashionable footwear, its popularity among celebrities and why he thinks Qatar is an important market. Alberto Guardiani was recently in Doha to launch his new collection.

Not only homegrown talent is catapulting into the fashion industry but furthermore this is where international labels are now seeking to carve a niche for themselves too.

According to the report, Qatar will be a hub for haute couture designs from around the world.

Lana del Rey, Sting, Mena Suvari are amongst the many celebrities who patronize his designs and Katy Perry had a pale rose satin sandal designed especially for her.

Here is what Alberto Guardiani had to say:

"I think about women as a whole rather than appealing to different nationalities. With the lipstick shoe it was an obvious creation for success. No woman can live without a killer red lipstick! I’d like to describe my wider women’s range as chic, sassy, whimsical and witty capturing the many different facets of the female personality and that is not bound by borders."

"Masculine elegance fascinates me a lot whether you wear a white tunic which is always immaculate and perfectly ironed with beautiful sandals, or you wear a formal suit. Arab men are always flawless, elegant and look out for details from the watch to the shoe. It is a pleasure to design a shoe and imagine that it will be worn by them. Elegance is still very important to Arab men, while in the West men prefer casual style and wearing ease instead"