Fashion Study: High Heels Hazards

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Fashion Study: High Heels Hazards
Tue 02-07-2013

Although high heels are every woman's must have accessory, researches were made to show how high heels can put our health and lives in danger!

A research from Compeed, a foot-care brand, has found that nearly half those women trying to arrive at work looking their best, get their heels caught in a grate, over a third have fallen over and %29 have tripped up the stairs.

%10 of the British women surveyed, reported that wearing high heels tags more than one hour a month to their journey time.

%58 of British women will wear heels even if they are painful or uncomfortable and  %13 between the age group of 25-34 years, admit they wear their heels even if it makes them late for the office.

Over half of the women surveyed stated that wearing heels gives them confidence and %35 say their heels make them feel smart, making it clear why women are determined to wear heels to work despite the pitfalls they face.

And %60 of women surveyed have admitted to sacrificing their fashion preferences due to discomfort and confessed to wearing flat shoes to work, then changing into their heels at their desks.