Father and Daughter Recreate Wedding Pictures to Honor Late Mother

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Father and Daughter Recreate Wedding Pictures to Honor Late Mother
Wed 18-12-2013

Ben Nunery and his wife, Ali, purchased their first home in Cincinnati the day before their wedding. Ben says the couple poured their hearts and souls into making the lifelong home "their own."

Ali, the 31 year old teacher, was informed she had a rare form of lung cancer.

In 2011, just one year after the birth of their daughter, Olivia, Ali passed away.

Ben  describes in his blog, the last two years since Ali's death as a "roller coaster of emotions" that have left him wondering how he's managed to "piece together anything that resembles a normal and happy life."

As time passed, Ben has decided to move out of the home that he and Ali had tried so hard to make their own. But upon leaving the home, Ben wanted to do something special in memory of Ali.

His sister-in-law, Melanie Pace , is a professional photographer who shot Ben and Ali's original wedding photos. Ben asked Melanie if she would be willing to re-create the wedding photos, but this time with Olivia in Ali's place.

"It was fun and strange and sad and comforting and just about every other emotion you can think of," said Ben of the photo shoot.

"It all happened in a blur, but those images represent some of the happiest moments in my life," said Ben. "These would be the last memories in that house."

Olivia and Ben both felt Ali was there with them in the home during the photo shoot, smiling with them.

"This is a love story," said Ben. A great story, he will never forget.

Source: ABC15