Father Creates Toy Story Wedding for Son

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Father Creates Toy Story Wedding for Son
Thu 06-03-2014

Toy Story characters Mr and Mrs Potato Head have finally had their wedding captured on film in one photographer’s attempt to explain his profession to his son.

Chris Thornton said three-year-old Cole would always ask if he was off to take pictures at a wedding, but didn’t understand what one was.

Cole was a big fan of Toy Story, Chris decided to put together some shots of the characters in the traditional wedding photograph poses. The result is a hilarious and adorable combination of the famous Disney Pixar characters in wedding dresses and top hats. 

"I thought I’d try to shoot one he’d be really interested in," said the 34-year-old, from Leeds. So he staged a wedding using the characters from Cole’s favorite film, Toy Story.

"Since then, Cole’s actually got his own little camera and did take some shots at a recent wedding I was invited to," Mr Thornton added.