Father Dances at Daughter's Wedding in Wheelchair

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Father Dances at Daughter's Wedding in Wheelchair
Fri 27-11-2015

One local bride's dancing story is going viral on social media channels.

As a child, Brittany Dejean of Spring City, Chester County, loved to dance.

Family video from years ago shows her father, Paul Martin, swinging and stepping across a dance floor. So when Brittany got engaged to the love of her life, like most brides, she looked forward to the father-daughter dance.

But there was an obstacle. Her father is now in a wheelchair, after being paralyzed 17 years ago in an accident.

"I at first told her I was going to pass it off because I didn't think I would be able to dance. It's something people in wheelchairs don't do," Martin told Action News.

But with the help of instructor Diane at RollCall WheelChair Dance, Brittany's dad found a way to dance again.

"She moved us through the motions, small motions first, and built on each individual program," he recalls.

It led to a moment Brittany says she'll cherish forever."I remember telling myself to consciously be in that moment because it was easy to let it go by so quickly," she says, reveling in memories of that time.

"It was fantastic," Martin says.

Not only did he dance with his daughter, he kept dancing, the entire night.

"I don't know if it was very pretty but I had a heck of a lot of fun," he says with a smile.Brittany hopes their story can inspire others.

Source: ABC7NY