Father Donates $8,000 Wedding Meal To The Homeless

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Father Donates $8,000 Wedding Meal To The Homeless
Sat 07-11-2015

A father from California, was sad to hear that his daughter decided to call off her wedding.

But the father of the bride decided to to turn it into a positive event, and donated the wedding meal to the homeless.

Unable to get a refund for the cancelled wedding, the father decided to donate the meal, originally intended for 150 guests, to the Ventura County Rescue Mission. 

"He said, 'I'd hate for this to go to waste when there are so many people who are really hungry,' " John Saltee, the director of the Mission, told NBC Los Angeles of the father.

"So he asked us, 'is there any way you can get 150 men, women and children from here to Mandalay Bay Embassy Suites?' " 

Thanks to the man, the $8,000 reception dinner will go to the city's homeless, some of whom plan to dress up for the elegant event. 

The Mission's homeless can't thank the father enough for the generous donation. "We eat really good here, but we don't get a chance to be able to go out and do something like that," Robert Duncan told ABC. "So for this gentlemen to even think about that I think is outstanding. I don't even know who it is but thank you very much."

Source: People