Father Gives $150 Million Wedding Gift!

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Father Gives $150 Million Wedding Gift!
Wed 02-01-2013

Chinese newlyweds have received chests of gold jewellery, a $3 million bank account and an extensive property portfolio as a gift from the bride's father.

Chinese billionaire Wu Duanbiao handed over the $150 million dowry to his daughter and her new husband after their wedding and an 8 day banquet this week.

Mr Duanbiao, who is chairman of the Fujian Wanli Group, also donated $2.4 million to charity after the ceremony.

According to the Post, the billionaire's son-in-law is a civil servant who has known his bride since the pair were in kindergarten.

The lavish wedding started on December 28 in Cizao town in Jinjiang county in the Fujian province and finished overnight.

Pictures of the couple receiving the gold and bankbooks as part of their dowry have surfaced online, the Post writes.

A spokesperson for the Duanbiao's Wanli company confirmed the generous dowry and said the bride's father "wanted to keep things simple".

Expensive dowries are a custom in China's Fujian province where it is thought the gifts will ensure the bride is treated well by her husband and in-laws, the Post reports.