Fifi Abdo's Daughter Celebrates Her Wedding!

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Fifi Abdo's Daughter Celebrates Her Wedding!
Sun 10-08-2014

Egyptian celebrity Fifi Abdo celebrated her daughter Hanady's wedding among their friends and family at the Vermont Hotel in Cairo, Egypt.

Fifi Abdo invited many celebrities, such as Mahmoud Abdulaziz, Ahmad Adam, Mohammed Hunaidi, Hany Shaker, Yosra, Ahmad Zaher, and Nelly Karim.

She also invited, Asala and her hsuband, Mohamed Munir, who sang to the bride and groom.

Ramy Sabry and Amina also sang and entertained the guests at the wedding.

Hakim arrived  late to the wedding as it was almost dawn, but the wedding and celebrations continued till morning.

Menna Shalaby and Fifi Abdo also performed a dance together for the guests.