First Civil Married Couple Have a Sect-less Baby

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First Civil Married Couple Have a Sect-less Baby
Fri 01-11-2013

The Lebanese couple Kholoud Sukkarieh and Nidal Darwish were the first couple in Lebanon to have a civil marriage.

Opponents of sectarianism in Lebanon are celebrating what they are calling the first child born without a religious sect.

Nidal Darwish and Kholoud Sukkarieh announced that their one-month-old son Ghadi had been registered without a religious affiliation.

In January, the couple celebrated the first civil marriage recorded in Lebanon.

Sukkarieh tweeted this photo of Ghadi's registration, with the 'sect' field left blank.

Lebanese President Michel Sleiman wrote to the couple, "Congratulations to Nidal and Kholoud and to all Lebanese on the birth of Ghadi, first newborn registered without a sect".