Four Siblings Get Married On The Same Day

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Four Siblings Get Married On The Same Day
Fri 20-06-2014

Saturday, June 14, was perhaps the biggest day in the life of Marie and Kevin Fortney's four children.

The couple's three daughters and one son all got married on the same day, at the same wedding venue and in one wedding ceremony and reception.

In an interview with Yahoo Shine, Marie shared, "They're all really close to each other."

She also revealed that their family preferred attending a single wedding ceremony at the same time, instead of going to four different places.

Grace Fortney, one of the newlyweds said in an interview with KSL, "With most families, this would not work. Thankfully I have wonderful, wonderful sisters and a wonderful brother."

Marie and Kevin have a total of six children, some of whom are biologically theirs, while others were adopted. Their oldest son Casey passed away last year.

The mom of six confessed that one of the biggest challenges to holding a joint wedding is how they can potentially make everyone still feel special and included, Daily Mail reported.

"We took the girls individually and picked out their wedding dresses. We did not know any of our children's in-laws very well, so we called each of them right off and took them out to dinner and got acquainted with them and explained that we wanted each family to have the wedding for their son or daughter that they wanted. We wanted to make it a happy time for everyone involved," she said.

Marie confirmed that each of her children had their own wedding ceremony which lasted approximately an hour and 30 minutes.

Kevin added, "There are a few things that can compare to the fullness of joy that you feel when your children are happy."

Following the wedding, Marie and Kevin's four children, along with their new husbands and wife, gathered together for a simple wedding reception that same night, WDAM revealed.

Source: Fashion Times