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A Free Divorce on Valentine's Day
Thu 14-02-2013

On Valentine's Day, Michigan-based lawyer Walter H. Bentley III is running a contest on his website, and will help whichever man or woman tells "the most compelling and convincing story" of why he or she needs to a freebie divorce.

Bentley says an example of a "convincing story" might be that somebody was diagnosed with cancer, and as a result, their spouse wants to split. (What?)

Or maybe a foreclosure has wrecked a marriage and their bank account. Bentley puts it, "someone truly struggling to move forward."

There are some parameters of the contest. For instance, the divorce will only be free if it's uncontested and involves "no or minimum child custody," and only a Michigan resident can win.

Could this offer be more depressing? Well, then again, maybe it is actually one of the most kind-hearted Valentine's Day gift a divorce lawyer could anyone.

Bentley told ABC News, "You can't find a new love before you close the chapter on the old."