Frida Pinto Wanted to Be a Wedding Planner

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Frida Pinto Wanted to Be a Wedding Planner
Sun 17-03-2013

Indian actress Freida Pinto, revealed that if she didn't become a Hollywood star she would have wanted to become a wedding planner.

Oscar-winning “Slumdog Millionaire” actress said: "my only passion was acting," but she had told her sister that if she hadn’t become successful by the age of 25, she would switch profession.

"But fortunately when I was 23, Slumdog Millionaire happened and so I didn’t become a wedding planner."

Since the actress shot to fame with the 2008 "Slumdog Millionaire", she has worked in other international movie projects like Woody Allen’s "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Strange", "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" and "Trishna".