Garment Design and Training Services Centre in Jordan Interviewed By Egyptian Ahram Online

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Garment Design and Training Services Centre in Jordan Interviewed By Egyptian Ahram Online
Tue 21-05-2013

Ahram Online recently interviewed Istituto di Moda Burgo director in the Milan headquarters.

"The Istituto di Moda Burgo has a significant presence in the Middle East, having certified the school in Egypt and Amman, Jordan, not to mention in other countries, such as Nigeria and India. Despite the upheavals of the Middle East and North Africa, design events are still popping up, like a recent fashion show in Afghanistan."

Ahram Online: Are you seeing more fashion designers coming out of the MENA region? In Jordan in particular?

Garment  Design and Training Services Centre, Jordan (GSC): Jordan proudly presents a number of upcoming designers that are gaining recognition on a regional level, in the areas of haute couture and wedding dresses, prêt-a-porter as well as the much-in-demand modern/classic embroidery lines.

At GSC/Burgo School we aim to ensure that our graduates make valuable contributions to the fashion industry.

We hope to graduate a minimum of 18 students every year in both pattern-making and sketching courses.  

AO: What's your specialization?

Our classes teach several pattern-making techniques, including draping.

AO: What are some of the regionally- or internationally-known designers that your institute collaborates with?

We collaborated with the Italian fashion designer Francesca Liberatore to deliver two courses on Collection Design.

AO: What have some of your students gone on to do?

Graduates from these programs have a choice of establishing private businesses in this field or qualify as skilled professionals who will find opportunity within the garment sector in Jordan.