Geek Celebrates Wedding by Murdering Virtual Girlfriend!

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Geek Celebrates Wedding by Murdering Virtual Girlfriend!
Tue 27-11-2012

An Otaku (Geek) and his wife took a hammer to his copy of mildly-unsettling, Japanese dating sim, Love Plus, during their wedding.
The wedding, which was attended and photographed by various Comiket staff, seems like it was quite a bizarre affair, with the groom's virtual girlfriend, Nene Anegasaki, getting her own invitation and seat.

According to some reports, the bride planned the destruction of her husband's virtual girlfriend as a surprise, but he elected to take part in the smashing anyway. With tears in his eyes, he helped his new wife crush his digital ex with a hammer.

"Today's Japanese youth can't express their true feelings in reality. They can only do it in the virtual world." CNN reports. "It's the reverse of reality that they can only talk about what they feel to a friend in the virtual world."