George Clooney's First Wedding Picture in McAlpin Add

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George Clooney's First Wedding Picture in McAlpin Add
Mon 16-02-2015

A photograph being shared on social media channels, which has never been published before, shows George Clooney ‘tying the knot’ with a shy Lisa Collins when he was 19 in his hometown of Covington, Kentucky.

It was, however, a fake ceremony held to promote wedding outfits in the modest department store, McAlpin’s, where the aspiring actor sold shoes.

While most women would be thrilled to ‘marry’ Clooney, his ‘bride’ that day says the experience was not an enjoyable one.

"I was desperate for the day to be over with," remembers Lisa, whose mother also worked at McAlpin’s.

"I was angry about doing it because my mum volunteered me for it and he wasn’t famous then."

She and Clooney, now 53, walked down the aisle in front of dozens of women due to be married. Classical music played as the fake ceremony took place, lasting about an hour.

"He escorted me around a fountain area in front of potential brides," Lisa says.

Clooney’s first ‘bride’ Lisa says she would have treated him differently had she known the course his life would take.

"George is a very attractive and charming man, but he’s off the market now," says Lisa, who has not seen him since that day. 

"We joke that if we knew he would become this famous I would have paid more attention to him."