Good Word Society Hosts Mass Wedding in Manama

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Good Word Society Hosts Mass Wedding in Manama
Mon 01-06-2015

90 brides and grooms tied the knot as part of the 6th annual mass wedding.

The ceremony was held at Jamaan Hall under the patronage of Council of Representatives Speaker Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al-Mulla. 

A group of MPs led by Jamal Bouhassan attended the wedding along with Municipal Council Chairman Mohammed Abdulla Al-Senan and Good Word Society Chairman and members. Kuwait Endowments General Secretariat sponsored the mass wedding. 

A total of 864 brides and grooms have so far tied the knot in the past five mass weddings, hosted by Good Word Society. MP Jamal Bouhassan Good Word Society Chairman Hassan Bouhazaa and Mohammed honoured the grooms. 

Source:Bahrain News Agency