Groom Arrives at Wedding With Batman

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Groom Arrives at Wedding With Batman
Fri 04-09-2015

When Amit Patel found out he couldn't rent the actual Batmobile for his wedding, he got the next best thing.

As a surprise to his 600 guests in Brampton, Canada, the 30-year-old supply chain analyst rolled in with the Dark Knight, a.k.a. the Brampton Batman himself in a sleek Batmobile.

"We figured no one had really done an entrance with the Batmobile," he told The Huffington Post Canada. "Since we couldn’t rent the Batmobile itself, we were more than happy to have Batman drive me to the venue."

The Brampton Batman, who has been a local favourite for years now, has helped to fight crime and save children in the Ontario city. His car, a 1989 Batmobile replica, looks just like the real deal.


"He said he was going to rest up after a night of patrolling the streets of Brampton and the wedding in the morning was draining. It was also the first time he was a part of an Indian wedding and he thoroughly enjoyed it."

Booking the Dark Knight cost Patel $500, and he says it was his preferred option compared to common Hindu wedding entrances with an elephant (which can cost $6,500) or a horse — something his wife originally suggested.

"I was strongly opposed to both since the last thing I needed was to embarrass myself on video taking a tumble off of one of them or having a runaway groom on an animal," he says. "She could hear the excitement from the bridal room in the hall so I think I did my part."

Source: Huffington Post