Groom Found Hanged Before Wedding Ceremony

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Groom Found Hanged Before Wedding Ceremony
Wed 18-03-2015

A bride was left devastated on her wedding day when the groom was found hanged at his house just a few hours before leading the marriage procession to her house in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Phimai district on Tuesday morning.

The groom who is a fire truck driver of Phimai tambon municipality, was rushed to a nearby hospital where a doctor declared him dead on arrival, said Pol Lt Col Witthaya Boonwan, a duty officer at Phimai police station, who was alerted about 6am.

His daughter, told police that her parents had divorced a long time ago. 

Before the tragedy, her house was busying preparing a wedding party for her father, who was to marry a teacher in the district, on Tuesday, Thai media reported. 

Before the khan mak procession (a Thai wedding tradition in which the groom formally carries a tray of engagement gifts to the bride’s family) started on Tuesday morning, relatives went to her father’s bedroom to fetch him. But he was not in the room. Shortly after, a relative who was going to cut a banana tree for the procession was shocked to see his body hanging by the neck from the roof by a nylon rope at the back of the house. Relatives immediately ran to help remove the rope and rushed him to hospital, where a doctor said he had been dead for more than two hours. 

No one in his house knew why he had apparently committed suicide. His colleagues at the municipality told police the 51-year-old groom had often complained about having insufficient money for the wedding and this might have driven him to take his own life. 

Source: Bangkok Post