Groom Gives Wife His Brain in a Jar as Wedding Gift

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Groom Gives Wife His Brain in a Jar as Wedding Gift
Sat 11-10-2014

A neuroscientist may just have won the prize for most creative and crazy yet appropriate wedding gift ever.

As bride-to-be Meg Mack waited to walk down the aisle back in August, she was handed a small jar filled with stuffing, a last-minute present from her soon-to-be-husband.

What she got when she opened it was perhaps not quite what she had imagined. Inside the tiny glass jar was a perfect model of her sweetheart's brain.

"There was bunch of stuffing in there and then I thought 'Oh my God, this is a brain,'" said Mack.

Both are neuroscientists at the Center for Learning and Memory at the University of Texas in Austin so Mack quickly realized this wasn't just any brain. "It was a little bumpy and weird and then I thought, 'This is a 3D printing of his brain," she said.

"She judges people by their brain," said the groom, indicating that his romantic plan could have gone horribly wrong if his brain wasn't up to scratch.

"His brain was very normal and very good-looking; that was a nice bonus to have," said Meg Mack, "It was pretty symentrical ... not having anything too weird in it."

According to Michael Mack, it was actually quite an easy process to create a 3D printed model of this essential part of his anatomy, but if there are any grooms out there, don't go getting any ideas, models like this should definitely be limited to brains, and maybe hearts. 

The bridal brain now sits happily on the couple's dresser in Austin.

Source: Chron