Groom Killed Hours After Wedding Ceremony

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Groom Killed Hours After Wedding Ceremony
Tue 17-12-2013

A woman went from being a newlywed to a widow in fewer than 8 hours after her new husband was struck and killed while assisting another motorist.

Nikki Knight and William Knight were on their way to a hotel when they spotted a woman whose vehicle had gone into a ditch on the shoulder of 109th Avenue near Lane Street in the northwest Indiana community.

"He said, 'We’ve got to stop. It’s late and they need help,'" Nikki Knight recalled.

Parking in a nearby driveway, the new bride stayed in their truck while her husband walked out to the street to help Linda Darlington, 42.

The two were standing by the side of the road when they were struck first by a vehicle headed east on 109th, and hit twice more by two vehicles trailing the first, according to the Lake County Sheriff’s office.

They died of blunt force trauma, according to autopsies.

Police said all drivers involved in the crash remained at the scene. It was unknown if drugs or alcohol were factors in the accident, and no charges had been filed.