Groom Misses Wedding After Getting Into a High Speed Pursuit With Police

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Groom Misses Wedding After Getting Into a High Speed Pursuit With Police
Tue 13-10-2015

A groom has missed his wedding after he was arrested on his stag do following a high-speed pursuit in nearly 5 supercars.

The 28-year-old man is said to have hired the vehicles, which included a Lamborghini Gallardo, two Audi R8s and two AMG Mercedes, on Friday evening in Manchester.

He was arrested along with five friends after one of the Audis allegedly rammed a police car following a street fight around 1am. 

Police were forced to chase the revellers' fleet of performance cars through the city centre towards Oldham before finally managing to stop them in Failsworth. 

One witness, who was at a petrol station when the cars drove by, said they thought officers had no chance of catching the convoy.

They said: 'I saw the cars going by. At the front was a Lamborghini, which was going really fast.'

'There was no chance anyone was catching up with it.' 

Greater Manchester Police kept residents up-to-date with the arrests on Twitter. 

A spokesman initially teased social media users by writing: 'Groom likely to miss wedding after stag do ends up like Fast & Furious.'

They then revealed that six men had been taken to custody and a Lamborghini had been seized by officers.

A final tweet read: 'Groom + 5 mates were released 10.30pm on bail. Not sure what the wedding arrangements are now...' 

Source: Daily Mail