Groom Saves Surfer Before Wedding

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Groom Saves Surfer Before Wedding
Tue 24-12-2013

A groom decided to go for a swim on the day of his wedding, and luckily he was there to save a drowning surfer!

Matt Cairns, an experienced life saver with the Waikanae Surf Life Saving Club, plunged into the water around 2:30pm when he heard someone screaming for help.

The man, a French tourist, had been pulled 500 meters out to sea after becoming snagged on a fish hook.

The bride did not mind her groom being late for their wedding since he actually saved someone's life.

"She wasn't pissed off, she was delighted he'd been able to save the guy," the father of the groom said.

"Matt basically got the job done and got back to it."

"It didn't throw out the day," said Mr Williams. "A lot of the guests had no idea it'd even happened until family members mentioned it at the reception. It was all in a day's work for Matt."

The hook was removed from the tourist's hand at Gisborne Hospital and he was discharged the next day.