Groom Sent Back By Bride's Family for Unsuitable Gifts

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Groom Sent Back By Bride's Family for Unsuitable Gifts
Sat 26-10-2013

The Express Tribune reported that a groom was sent back by the bride’s family on "for not bringing suitable clothes for the bride."

Pakistani groom Akhtar Ali was asked by his bride's family to display the bride’s clothes and jewelry they had brought for the bride.

A relative of the bride said that during the display, the bride’s mother heard some guests commenting on the “poor” quality and “smaller” number of gifts.

This led to an argument between her and the guests. The bride’s mother confronted the groom’s parents and said that the incident was a bad omen that they had brought cheap clothes for her daughter.

Some of the bride’s relatives then locked the groom and his father in a room.

The bride’s family demanded that the dowry already sent to the groom’s house be returned. They also asked for the money spent on the reception.

They said the groom’s family were “making a fool of them” by bringing the bride cheap clothes and accessories.

Some guests called the police, who released the groom and his father.

Assistant Sub Inspector Akbar Ali of Thikriwala police said the matter between both sides had been resolved. However, he said, the bride’s family refused to let the groom take her.