Groom Steals Bride's Gold and Runs Away!

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Groom Steals Bride's Gold and Runs Away!
Tue 25-09-2012

Bangkok Post has recently reported that a groom stole his bride's gold on their wedding day and took off!

The family of Paveena Suvamin, who is only 19 years old, filed a complaint with the police after her brand new husband stole all her gold and then disappeared.
The bride told the police that she has been in a relationship with the groom for 2 years before they got married, and that 500 guests attended their wedding.

However, right after the wedding, the groom claimed that he had to leave to pick up his parents, saying their car had broken down.

According to a member of the family, he and the bride left together in a car, supposedly along with the stolen gold.
After a while, when they didn’t return, the family went out searching for them and found the bride left alone in the car.

She said the groom claimed to have made a mistake and that his parents’ car actually broke down in another area, so he hired a motorcycle taxi, saying he would go and fetch them, and told her to wait in the car.