Groom Surprises Bride with Dream Wedding on Top of Mountain

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Groom Surprises Bride with Dream Wedding on Top of Mountain
Thu 02-04-2015

Mike Masongsong used a chairlift to get his girlfriend and fellow ski instructor to a surprise wedding ceremony.

Ski instructor Mike Masongsong married his colleague and girlfriend Renee Amaral during a wedding at the top of Blue Mountain over the weekend, a ceremony his now-wife knew nothing about before she reached the top of the hill.

When Mike Masongsong teasingly proposed to his girlfriend on the chairlift at Blue Mountain last Saturday, Renée Amaral didn’t know what was waiting for her atop the hill.

“I asked her on the chairlift, I said, ‘You want to get married, right?’ Just for insurance, just in case. We joked about it,” Masongsong, 30, told the Star Tuesday.

As the couple, who met at the hill about four years ago and are now certified ski instructors, reached hopped off the chairlift and skied toward their intended run, Amaral, 26, was greeted by 65 snowsuit-clad family members, including her brother, who flew in from Singapore.

“We turned around the corner to get to the run and (Masongsong) was like, ‘How about today?’” said Amaral.

She was inititally speechless. But she embraced her surprise big day.

When he pitched the idea to his co-conspirators, Amaral’s parents, in mid-February, they loved the impulsive plan. But that gave the groom and his future in-laws a mere five weeks to plan.

To keep the big day a secret, Masongsong told very few people. While she never suspected a wedding, his increasingly secretive behaviour raised some red flags with Amaral.

There to greet her were her sister and cousin, ready with a reception outfit. The couple celebrated at the local Lodges Restaurant, complete with a ski-hill shaped cake. Guests used silver and gold markers to write their best wishes on a snowboard painted white, which the couple plans to hang on the wall in their home.

Source: The Star