The Groomless Bride Photoshoot

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The Groomless Bride Photoshoot
Sat 01-06-2013

Bridal model Claudia Agres got married to her husband Matthew Agres, at an impromptu ceremony in their hometown San Antonio, Texas with only two other family members in attendance. No photos were taken at the informal ceremony.

The couple rushed their wedding ceremony because Air Force pilot Matthew was unexpectedly sent away on an 8 month work mission. And while Claudia had always dreamed of a “huge church wedding” they decided to have an informal ceremony right away, putting their proper wedding on hold until Matthew returned.

The problem was about a month after Matthew returned home in the spring of 2012, his job sent him to Germany for 3 years. So the couple packed their bags to start a new life overseas, but due to their hectic schedules Claudia never got her fairy tale wedding.

Enter award winning NYC wedding photographer friend Ryan Brenizer to the rescue. He offered to shoot the couple in this past February in London, England, hoping to give Claudia part of her long awaited wedding gift. But as life sometimes does, another curve ball was thrown into the equation and Matthew couldn't make the photo shoot due to work again.
But this time, Claudia wasn't going to be stopped. She bought a plane ticket to London and went by herself.