Gulf Girl Robbed By Fake Prince

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Gulf Girl Robbed By Fake Prince
Tue 20-05-2014

A girl from the Gulf region was duped to pay SR3 million, to a Saudi man posing as a prince, who wanted to marry her before he flew to Egypt to live with a ballet dancer!

The girl had agreed to marry the man after he misled her into believing that he is a tribal prince and a wealthy businessman.

They planned the wedding in Bahrain and invited a large number of businessmen and dignitaries.

A few days before the wedding, the man sent a letter to the girl saying he might not be able to go ahead with the marriage because of a financial problem in his company.

"She offered to help him and sent him SR3million…but she did not hear from him again, prompting her family to make contacts in Saudi Arabia…they later discovered that the man is an impostor and has been involved in swindling cases in Saudi Arabia and other countries,” the Arabic language daily said.

"Relatives of that man told the girl that he had fled with the money to Egypt as he is wanted in Saudi Arabia and that he is living with a ballet dancer."

Source: Emirates 24/7