Haifa Wehbe Gives Wedding Advice

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Haifa Wehbe Gives Wedding Advice
Sun 19-05-2013

Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe has recently given out some advice to girls who are about to get married: "Many people will want to pay the bride a visit, so she needs to always look fresh and glowing, I think she should wear pastel colored clothes with pretty prints, a bride shouldn't wear black, brown or dark blue, wear some bright colors such as yellow and blue, bright and light colors will make your face glow and you will look happy."

As for the wedding Haifa Wehbe said: "No wedding is complete if the bride is not wearing a veil, no matter how old you are a bride should always wear a veil, I also prefer ivory colored dresses."

"A bride should be as free as a butterfly, don't be a bridezilla."

As for the honeymoon Haifa has some advice as well: "I think Portofino - Italy is a great place if you want a quite and relaxing honeymoon, its beautiful and romantic, the restaurants are perfect for couples and they also serve you heart shaped pizzas! Capri - Italy is also a great place, these places are not for shopping or visiting museums, they are perfect for romance and relaxation."