Haifa Wehbe's Divorce Details!

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Haifa Wehbe's Divorce Details!
Thu 22-11-2012

According to Gulf News, Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe told media that she and her now ex-husband Ahmad Abu Hashimah, parted on good terms.

But Haifa Wehbe’s impending divorce from Ahmad Abu Hashimah is set to go down as one of the costliest and most dramatic in Arab entertainment history, now that the Egyptian government is allegedly involved.

Gulf News also reported that the wealthy Egyptian businessman decided to split from the Lebanese singer due to financial and political reasons. Apparently, the relationship was becoming too expensive for him, not because Haifa was spending his cash, but because he reportedly had to pay up in order to maintain his high profile status in his home country.

"Due to the change in Egypt’s political landscape, things had become different for Haifa and Ahmad," reported Arab news website Wikeez. "While Ahmad’s family had never really accepted his marriage, they were easy enough to live with. However, now that Ahmad wants to get involved in politics and make it into parliament, he is finding that he is being looked down on for being with a singer."

With Ahmad Abu Hashimah’s goal to make it into parliament, it is alleged that the Muslim Brotherhood played a part in orchestrating the divorce. However, it seems that the political party does not want to stop there with the Lebanese diva.

Egypt’s minister of information Salah Abdul Maqsoud — a Brotherhood member — told Al Ettihad newspaper that he has verbally agreed to ban Haifa from any state-run broadcasting network – whether on TV or radio.

Meanwhile, Haifa hasn't commented on any affair regarding her split since she posted the phone call she made to LBC announcing the divorce a week ago. Despite being an avid Tweeter, the singer has not been seen on her official Twitter account since November 12.