Halle Berry Loses Wedding Ring in Mexico Trip

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Halle Berry Loses Wedding Ring in Mexico Trip
Sat 08-08-2015

Halle Berry has been spotted with a naked left ring finger in recent months, prompting speculation as to whether there her marriage to Olivier Martinez might be in trouble.

The star simply lost her diamond ring while in Mexico for the Acapulco Film Festival back in January 2014. 

Berry has been wearing a gold band on that finger in the meantime.

The couple also just celebrated their two-year anniversary, and funny enough, Halle was so busy with other projects that it almost slipped her mind!

"Thank you for reminding me," she told E! News after we asked about the milestone while chatting with her about her show Extant at Comic-Con. "I gotta get something fast. I gotta get something fast."

"Wow, two years," she added. "That's big for me."