Harry Styles Asks Bride-to-Be to Run Away With Him

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Harry Styles Asks Bride-to-Be to Run Away With Him
Sat 14-06-2014

E! News reported: "Harry Styles is not the kind of boy who should be rudely barging in on a white veil occasion...but that's exactly what he did—charmingly, of course!"

The One Direction member made a video for bride-to-be Tash Gershfield, jokingly begging her to run away with him instead of saying "I do" to her fiancé James!

Tash, who stuck to her original wedding day plans, spoke to E! News about the unforgettable surprise:

"I'm a massive One Direction fan, and Harry is my favorite and always has been," she gushed.

"During my husband James' speech, he told me he wanted to put me through a little test to see how much I really loved him. He then got my friend Alex to project the video of Harry up on the wall for all 250 guests to see."

Tash Instagrammed portions of Harry's video plea, which came to be thanks to a friend of the couple's who works with the band.

"Harry mentions in the video how annulments are cheap these days and easily done," Tash said.

"And asks me to meet him at Orli a popular restaurant in Borehamwood, which is in North London."

Harry told Tash he'd wait for her for three hours. "As this video was being played my jaw was on the floor, and all the guests were in shock too," the newlywed told E! News.

"Every single guest was shouting, 'Go! Go!' and then the microphone was handed to me...The first thing I said was simply, 'Can you play that again?'"