Is Heartbreaker Bradley Cooper Engaged to Zoe Saldana?

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Is Heartbreaker Bradley Cooper Engaged to Zoe Saldana?
Mon 31-12-2012

Rumor has it that Bradley Cooper is planning on proposing to Zoey Saldana, even after their recent breakup.

And according to reports it is all because of Bradley Cooper's mother Gloria, who convinced him to give the relationship another chance.

According to an insider: "Bradley is telling friends he’s not going to let Zoe slip away this time. Having lost her once, Bradley is ready to seal the deal on the relationship. Gloria worked overtime to make it clear to Zoe that Bradley is a changed man and ready to commit… Now Gloria and Zoe are bonding over planning the ceremony. Zoe can’t wait to be Bradley’s bride."

Some other sources claim that engagement rumors are not true since the couple have not even admitted they're back together again. Stay tuned to find out!