How a Bride Saved the Life of a Wedding Guest

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How a Bride Saved the Life of a Wedding Guest
Wed 01-05-2013

Kylie Cox, a 24 year old bride, was dancing with her male friend when he collapsed on the dance floor and luckily the bride was a nurse!

Kylie administered life saving CPR to stabilize her friend. 

The friend survived and Cox's CPR efforts are now being touted as "the kiss of wife."

The bride commented "Our friend asked me for a dance, but while we were on the dance floor, he complained of feeling faint … I turned round to get him a chair and he collapsed."

"I rushed over and gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation … A bridesmaid, who is also a nurse, did the same and my uncle and another guest joined in to give him chest compression until the ambulance arrived."

She added, "the doctors told us it was a miracle he survived … He only had one drink all day as he was driving. He's still in hospital, but he's going to make a full recovery."

The couple reportedly left their own wedding party at about 8.30 p.m. to rush back to their friend's bedside in hospital to make sure he would be alright.