How Facebook Saved A Couple's Wedding

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How Facebook Saved A Couple's Wedding
Wed 05-08-2015

After nobody showed up to Annette and Lior's big day, the bride's friend stepped in to help out!

The bride's father passed away and their guests assumed that the wedding wouldn't be going ahead. 

Apparently the guests thought the couple was in mourning, meaning that hundreds of Annette and Lior's guests believed the couple would have called the whole thing off. 

Thankfully, a couple of relatives did show up. When one of Annette's cousins saw the empty venue, she decided to do whatever she could to give Annette and Lior the wedding they'd always dreamed of.

Taking to Facebook, Rivka called on her friends to cancel their plans for that evening and come along to celebrate with the happy couple instead.

'The bride lost both her parents in the last two years,' she wrote. 'Her father passed away a month ago, and now there is no one there except for a few relatives. You don't need a gift, you don't need money. Just come fill the auditorium, and make a bride and groom happy.'

'What happened was that I arrived at the wedding and saw that it was almost ten at night and there were no people,' Rivka has since explained.

'I thought I had gone to the wrong place. There were only ten people. I saw my uncle and asked, 'Where is everyone?' He told me, 'they didn't come.' And then I told myself that I would start posting. So it passed through word of mouth and more than two thousand people came", Rivka added.

Source: Marie Claire