How Much Did Salim Mehajer's Wedding Cost?

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How Much Did Salim Mehajer's Wedding Cost?
Wed 19-08-2015

Australian deputy mayor whose ridiculous wedding scene may cost him his job. Mr. Salim Mehajer, Deputy Mayor of Auburn, Australia, starred in Hollywood-style videos as a build up to the big day. He was shown as a veritable action star, with an over-the-top six-minute film of him arriving at the venue in a helicopter.


His constituents were angry at the politician and his bride. For one thing, their wedding bash saw an entire street closed, with some residents’ cars towed. The stretch limousines, professional film crews, and fleets of motorbikes and luxury cars reportedly brought the price tag above $35 million. The reaction was bad enough that Mayor Mehajer may soon be out of a job if the local council makes good on its threats.

There is no evidence that Mayor Mehajer had the government pay for any of this, nor that he will try to write it off his taxes. 


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