Husband Dies Hours After Wife Passes Away

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Husband Dies Hours After Wife Passes Away
Sun 30-11-2014

A devoted husband died of a broken heart just hours after telling his dying wife "just close your eyes, I'm coming with you."

In a scene that could have come straight out of a Hollywood movie George Pitman peacefully slipped away less than 24 hours after saying goodbye to his beloved wife of 55 years.

The doting great grandfather, who was seriously ill himself, kept a week long vigil at the hospital bedside of his wife, Pat, after she was admitted with a shadow on her lung.

Nurses were forced to prepare a bed for the retired lorry driver alongside his 77-year-old spouse after he ignored their pleas to go to a different hospital for treatment.

Mr Pitman held his wife's hand and whispered "Close your eyes, I'm coming with you," as she slipped away.

Just 21 hours later, he had died of a broken heart after suffering an aneurysm in his chest.

"They spent their whole lives inseparable, so this is what they would have wanted," said their eldest daughter Jacqueline Gofton, 55.

"If they had been given a choice, this is the one they would have chosen. Dad died of a broken heart.It is just unbelievable how this has happened."

The inseparable couple met on a blind date and married on Valentine's Day 1959.

Source:  Daily Mail