Husband Kills Wife with Sword and Commits Suicide

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Husband Kills Wife with Sword and Commits Suicide
Mon 16-03-2015

Panduwasnuwara police in Sri Lanka said that a young man in anger smashed his 21-year-old wife on the head with a sword and later hanged himself at a public cemetery in Thoragalla, ‘Mawbima’ reported.

According to the police, the 23-year-old man from Ambagahawewa in the Panduwasnuwara police division was angry with the wife’s parents because they had opposed their marriage.

The seriously injured young woman identified was admitted to the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital for treatment.

Police said the couple had been quarrelling over the woman’s parent’s disliking to their marriage and the young man attacked the wife with a sword and then committed suicide.

The crimes division of the Panduwasnuwara police is conducting an investigation.