Husband Leaves Wife Obsessed with Weddings

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Husband Leaves Wife Obsessed with Weddings
Mon 02-12-2013

Tanzanian husband, Mlachake had to leave his wife because she was too obsessed with weddings.

The wife spent all his fortune on a wedding gown, and this drove the poor man crazy!

"You’d think the old witch was getting married the way she goes gaga whenever a young couple announced that they are getting hitched," complained Mlachake.

She was the local socialite who had to grace every wedding. And she could not be caught dead in the same dress twice. So it was upon Mlachake to move heaven and earth to buy her the dresses.

The husband decided he had enough, there was a wedding and as the wife had disappeared to participate fully, he appeared at the entrance to bid his buddies farewell.

"What do you mean ‘Mubaki Salama (stay safe)?" someone asked.

"I bet she will realize I left long after I arrive in Arusha," he said.

"I have sold everything and have left Swabrina all the weddings she can attend," he said.

And just like that, he disappeared and never to be seen again. His relatives say he settled down with a Tanzanian lady. She has many children, but does not attend weddings.