Husband Plans 2nd Wedding For Wife Who Lost Her Memory

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Husband Plans 2nd Wedding For Wife Who Lost Her Memory
Fri 29-05-2015

Jeremy and Justice Stamper have known each other practically all of their lives, but their love story began in high school.

After graduation he realized she was the one and finally got up the courage to pop the question one Sunday morning at church."I was shaking so bad, I couldn't get out of the thing," recalls Jeremy Stamper, "the preacher ended up having to get it out and she said yes."    

Like so many brides, Justice always dreamed of her wedding day, "Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted sunflowers," said Justice Stamper.The high school sweethearts exchanged vows August 1, 2014 at Hungry Mother State Park in Marion, VA.Jeremy admits he was nervous, "I was just worried, worried about everything."The ceremony was perfect.Then 19 days later, tragedy.Justice was in a car wreck and suffered a serious concussion that erased more than a month of her life from her memory. 

"I don't remember any of it I've looked through it many, many times," says Justice Stamper.Memories of the planning, the wedding day, the honeymoon, every detail of the day she'd always dreamed about, all wiped from her mindShe's watched the video over and over, studied the photo album trying to get it back, but her doctors say that time is likely lost forever.


"Just seeing the look on his face when I walk down the aisle to him," says Justice "I would do anything give anything to have that moment back."She finally told Jeremy that she doesn't remember their day."Instantly as soon as she told me, I said don't worry about we'll do it again."He started working longer hours trying to save the money, then a friend mentioned setting up a Go-Fund-Me account and they raised a little over $100 dollars.The account caught the attention of a wedding photographer who offered to do the pictures for free.She shared the site with Ken Heath, and he volunteered his disk jockey company.

"It just kept eating at me," Heath told himself, "I can do more than this, so I picked up the phone started calling the people that I work with."When Jeremy and Justice sat down for this story, they thought it was to talk about their Go-Fund-Me page, but there was a surprise waiting for them.The marion community pulled together and practically everthing is covered."Everything from the tuxedo to the wedding cake to the napkins to the first dance and the music. 

They are going to have a spectacular wedding one that she will remember for the rest of their lives."The package includes:Pictures from  Kendra Hayden, Modelesque PhotographyGift certificate for invitations from A&B PrintingWedding cake by Kelley CreweyDinner for two at The Wooden PickleGift basket from Main Street Gifts & Eatery/Sisters Cafe and GiftsRomantic honeymoon dinner for two at The Italian Rose Italian RestaurantGift basket from Weddings PlusPro sound and DJ services for wedding ceremony and reception from Ken Heath's "Bow Tie" Pro Music and Sound"It means everything to me, that's one memory that everyone should have not just one but both of them and now weather her memory comes back or not we will have that together," Jeremy Stamper.The couple are planning their second wedding for Saturday august first, which is their anniversary.It will be in the same gazebo where they got married a year earlier.

Source: WCYB