Husband Stabs Watermelon to Threaten Wife!

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Husband Stabs Watermelon to Threaten Wife!
Fri 18-07-2014

 A Connecticut man faces charges of threatening his wife after stabbing a large butcher's knife through a watermelon and leaving it on the kitchen table for her to see.

Carmine Cervellino, 49, was released after posting $500 bond.

Campbell said the incident began on July 4 when Cervellino's wife reported to police containers of prescription pills and marijuana she found hidden in his tool box. The two were going through divorce proceedings at the time, he said.

She returned from the police station and found a watermelon with a large butcher's knife stabbed through it on the table, interpreting it as a threat, Campbell said. The woman reported that Cervellino then entered the kitchen without speaking and began chopping up the fruit.

"What we’re dealing with here is a domestic violence situation, which we take very seriously," Campbell said.

Cervellino is not currently facing drug charges as the narcotics reported by the wife have not been recovered or tested by authorities, Campbell said.

Source: Emirates 24/7