Illuminated Paper Lanterns Banned at Weddings in Canada

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Illuminated Paper Lanterns Banned at Weddings in Canada
Thu 25-07-2013

Illuminated paper lanterns have been very popular at weddings and special occasions, so why are they now banned in Canada?

As beautiful as they may seem Illuminated paper lanterns are also a huge fire risk.

A rising number of municipalities and provinces  are moving to ban the “sky” or “wish” lanterns just as their popularity skyrockets.

And according to the National Post: "Monday night, counselors in Kingsville, Ont., near Windsor, banned the hot air balloon-like lanterns after a few reports of the wayward lights landing on residents’ property still lit."

"The lanterns are supposed to continue floating in the air until the flame is naturally extinguished, but there’s no guarantee this will happen."

This month, a $10-million fire at a recycling factory in Smethwick, near Birmingham in the English Midlands injured nine firefighters and destroyed 50,000 tonnes of paper and plastic. It was linked to an errant flying lantern.