India’s most extravagant wedding

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India’s most extravagant wedding
Tue 06-03-2012

This Indian wedding has hit the headlines across the world! Why?


This wedding is considered to be the most extravagant wedding in India. It was attended by 18,000 guests!

Lalit Tanwar, the groom, is the son of a wealthy politician from the ruling congress party. The bride, Yogita Jaunapuria, is the daughter of a former Delhi politician.

The wedding was held at a family farmhouse, and the celebrations will continue for 7 days!

The wedding celebrations, according to newspapers, has cost £33.000.000. The ceremony was screened on 12 different flat screens so all guests could see it.

The guests each recieved a silver biscuit, safari suit, and £300 in cash! just as a thank you gift from the couple and their family! The couple even recieved a helicopter as a wedding gift.

And despite all this extravagance, the father of the groom still calls it a "simple wedding"!