India: Divorce Case Continues for 23 Years

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India: Divorce Case Continues for 23 Years
Thu 23-10-2014

The Allahabad high court in India has ruled that a man can seek divorce if his wife puts pressure on him for abandoning his parents and demands a fixed sum every month for personal expenses.

Terming such behaviour as 'cruelty upon the husband', the court also ruled that a woman who makes these demands while earning more than her husband will not be entitled for permanent alimony.

The court made these observations while upholding the judgment of a family court which granted divorce to a man on the above grounds and also declined permanent alimony to his wife under Section 25 of the Hindu Marriage Act.

Expressing concern over the case which dragged for over 23 years, a division bench of Justice Rajiv Sharma and Justice Mahendra Dayal said, "The worst sufferer of this long litigation is the child and the parties are still not ready to reconcile or settle their dispute amicably."

Source: Times Of India