Indian Destination Weddings on the Rise

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Indian Destination Weddings on the Rise
Mon 13-04-2015

Desi Globetrotter visits Maui's top resorts and wedding planners for an inside look at why Maui is quickly becoming the island of choice for South Asian brides looking to infuse Indian traditions with the Hawaiian tropics.

Indian destination weddings have been trending among Canadian South Asian brides and grooms for the past 5 or so years. With accessible, inexpensive and direct flights available to sunny destinations and newly engaged couples hearing about beach-side nuptials through word-of-mouth, it's no surprise big, fat Indian weddings are turning into experiential, intimate vacay-weddings instead -- a refreshing trend indeed.

In 2009, Amy and Navi Dherari of Langley, BC began planning their dream destination wedding in Maui for July 2010. Amy and Navi Dherari have a traditional Sikh wedding in Maui. Photo by

"I thought the island was really beautiful and very different from Waikiki/Honolulu, which is really touristy. And the Polynesian culture is very beautiful. I wanted to go somewhere different," explains Amy.

"The culture in Maui is like no other; it's such a chilled out place to lounge and relax. There are no aggressive beach vendors. Everyone's on Hawaiian time. It's super chill and there are nice little shops," adds Navi as I sit down with the couple to find out more about their Sikh destination wedding.

"Our venue didn't have an on-site wedding planner, so we got a wedding planner out there, but there was a lot of coordination. She wasn't experienced in Indian weddings and didn't realize how large of a wedding it would be. We did a lot of micro-managing back then, even sending her pictures of what the inside of a gurdwara (Sikh Temple) looks like," explains Navi. "We found Monsoon India, the Indian restaurant, ourselves and we also flew in a Sikh priest from Honolulu."

Fast forward to 2015 and the Indian wedding landscape in Maui has changed. Now dubbed "The Queen of Indian Weddings" in Hawaii by many of her industry partners, Indian wedding planner Mira Savara offers full-service event planning and design, specializing in Indian weddings in Hawaii through her company Mira Savara Events. She organizes Indian weddings on all of the Hawaiian Islands including Maui and has worked with most of the large hotels such as Sheraton, Westin, Four Seasons and Hyatt brands. Wedding planned by Mira Savara. 

Source: Huffington Post