Indian Woman Grows Beard Feels More Feminine and Beautiful

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Indian Woman Grows Beard Feels More Feminine and Beautiful
Wed 19-02-2014

An Indian woman in the UK, who is suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome that results in excessive hair growth, has embraced her condition and growing a beard after being baptized as a Sikh.

Harnaam Kaur told the Daily Star that she had been struggling with hair growth on her face, chest and arms since she was 11.

23-year-old Harnaam explained that because of the bullying she started doing self-harm and hiding away in her house as she couldn't bear the strangers staring at her because of her condition.

She said that at 16, when she was given a chance to be baptized as a Sikh, a religion that prohibits the removal of hair, she decided she has had enough of hiding away.

Even though her decision to grow a beard was initially objected by her parents and relatives, she went ahead and grew one anyway.

She also said she would never ever go back and remove her facial hair because it's the way God made her and she is happy with the way she is.

Harnaam said that she feels more feminine now, adding that she has learned to love herself for who she is and nothing can change that.